PRs Therapy Programming

Are you interested in working with PRs but live to far away?

Are you needing to bridge the gap between rehab and your pre-existing performance level and beyond?

Suffering from an injury and not sure how to properly rehab it to get back to 100%?

Check out our brand new Performance Therapy Programming below to find out more! 

WHat it is..

Our Performance Therapy Programs are 100% customized and individualized, 12-16 weeks, and built to bring you from injury back to your pre-existing performance level and beyond!  

Each PRs Therapy program begins with a 1-hour in person or online movement and injury assessment. This is used to establish a base line of where your injury or limitations are and to establish performance indicators for continued progress.

These programs are designed for all ages and sports. A high level of equipment is not needed but access to a standard gym is beneficial.

What you get

After making the decision to work with PRs you will receive a confirmation email and an option for either an in person or online 1 hour assessment. After this assessment please allow 1 week and you will receive your 12-16 week (depending on choice) Performance Therapy Program. Your program will include the following

  • A 12-16 week fully customized mobility, stability and corrective exercise program designed for pre, post and non-training days.
  • 12-16 weeks of 24-hour direct email access
  • Bi-weekly progress check-ins to modify, regress, or progress current program and exercises
  • Unlimited video feedback for all exercises (best suited for Squat, Bench and Deadlift)

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